Earl of Hindh


31 Ocean Way Quayside Isle
#01-16 Sentosa Cove
Singapore 098375


Hotline: +65 6681 6694
Email: bookings@earlofhindh.com

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Thursday
Dinner: 5.00pm – 10.00pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
12.00pm – 10.30pm

Who knew that you could find the most majestic Indian dining experience right on the rather fashionable Sentosa Cove? Despite the picturesque scenery at the waterfront, it is the palatial ambience of the restaurant that will win you over and keep you marveling at the décor and certain attention to detail—the restaurateurs had made every effort to transport every guest to 1900s India. With grand portraits of Maharajahs, antique lights, and rustic floor tiles, the restaurant is a lavish exercise in recreating a perfect royal experience.

Focusing on cuisine predominant during the reign of the British, Earl of Hindh serves up a fine array of exotic dishes that were once served only to royalty. Take the signature Kakori Kebab, for instance. It is at once delicate and yet filled with so many flavours and textures that it is truly a culinary revelation.

Here, the menu is a study in fine Indian cooking thought to have vanished since that bygone era. The aroma, flavours, and the art of cooking have all been carefully restored, if you will.

Epicure Society exclusives

  • Enjoy complimentary glass wine for you and your guest
  • Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine with a party of 4 diners

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