2 Scotts Road Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore 228221


Hotline: +65 6735 9937

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday & Public Holiday
Lunch: Closed
Dinner: 5.00pm – 1.00am

As the latest in a string of successful restaurants opened by world renowned Chef Juan Amador, Alma looks certain to be winning awards.

As the brainchild of the Spanish-German Juan Amador, Alma combines the passionate, exotic flavours of Spanish cooking with a German commitment to precisions and perfection. Using authentic and yet easy recipes, tempered with the uncompromising dedication of the three-Michelin-star chef, Alma offers scrumptious Spanish-European cooking with Asian influences—a combination that will surely tease out the most robust flavours ever.

With an aim to plate “family food to share”, Alma is a very comfortable and casual establishment that places the customer first, in order to create a warm atmosphere in where families and friends can enjoy one another’s company over the most delicious and appetising spreads.

Epicure Society exclusives

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  • Enjoy complimentary glass of champagne or wine for you and your guest
  • Enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne or wine for a party of 4 diners

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