The Library


47 Keong Saik Rd
Singapore 089151


Hotline: +65 6221 8338

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday
6.00pm – 1.00am

Modelled after the concept of speakeasy from the bygone era of Prohibition, The Library is an exclusive cocktail bar that only admits guests with a password. Here, photography is not allowed but we can certainly let you in on what this swanky establishment is all about. Entering the bar, you can be sure you will not know what to expect as The Library features unique installations that changes themes as and when. Every visit could be as different as the your last. Regardless, the themes allow you to savour all sorts of off-mainstream experiences inspired by fashion, lifestyle, design, music, and everything else that is cutting-edge and pushes the envelope. Simply know that the drinks here are absolutely unconventional. The cocktails are presented in a variety of way. Sometimes lovingly lavish; other times uproariously unique. While we cannot give more away (for the sake of preserving the secretive allure of the establishment), we can assure you that this bar has seen many a delightful showcase ranging from a pop-up refined whisky shop to a pop-up barber shop and more.

Epicure Society exclusives

  • Priority entry. Quote ‘Epicure Society’ at door

Terms and conditions apply